Halloween Blender Sculpting

Work In Progress / 25 September 2019

I've been loving following Pablo Dobarro's updates to the blender Sculpting tools and have been wanting to give them a try for a while now so I've been slowly cracking on this since I posted that one pumpkin a little less than a month ago. Originally I was wanting to model someone's front porch but I decided I wanted to do something more out there and I got inspired by Grace Liu's Pumpkin House. The day job has been all Sci-fi modeling so this is a nice change of pace. Blender seems awesome for being able to switch back and forth between modeling and sculpting, but I've never tried getting a high poly sculpt so we'll see how it goes. I want to finish this before Halloween and get a noice highpoly bake out of this guy so if need be I'll toss it into zbrush to continue sculpting.

It's still very early but I want to keep in the habit of posting more personal work on my down time.

Thanks for reading and have a nice hump day,

Danny Tamez

Stylized Ramen Noodles WIP

Work In Progress / 17 September 2019

I saw Daniel Thiger's "Spaghetti and Meatballs" piece and Kento Yamamoto's "Variable Ramen Material" piece then decided to try and do something similar but stylized.  Part of me wants to try and continue and push myself to finish this on in substance designer but another part of me just thinks I could redo this whole thing a lot quicker if I just did it in Zbrush. Make it just a whole model rather than just a texture and then I think I could reuse a few of these height maps for it.

We'll see but regardless I've been having fun getting my feet dirty again in Substance Designer. It's been a while.

Sci-Fi Corridor Modular Kit: Update 3

Work In Progress / 02 July 2019

I kind of wanted to avoid making this before I made the big final art station post because I figured I be done with it by this morning, but I keep finding little nitpicks to touch up and change that I wanna give myself till the end of the work week to fix a hand full of things. In all honesty I'm really antsy to start applying to jobs hardcore again and I really want this piece in there, because I feel like its shaping up to be my strongest piece in my portfolio.

So here are just a little nugget of all the notes Ive been making for myself. I wrote these and more in a trello document but that is way less interesting than just a picture. Typically I just do this on paper but I think getting used to writing this up digitally would be awesome for working in a group/team setting. 

So what comes after Post Sci-Fi corridor 2 drop by Monday? Well I think I'll feel it out by then but the goal is to have the piece done to a point where I feel comfortable making a big art station post about it or just uploading it to my portfolio website so I can start applying for jobs with it in my portfolio. If I end up doing the latter that means I'll more than likely keep hammering on it until i mustard up the courage to do the big art station drop. I'd also like to go back and clean up some of my older work on here based on some notes from my friend Poji Chow (go look him up and hire him hes great!) So more than likely I'll be cranking on that by the weekend as well!

Thanks for reading and look forward to the drop and the break down blog post too on Monday!

Sci-Fi Corridor Modular Kit: Update 2

Work In Progress / 24 June 2019

This project has been a bit of a roller coaster where I'm really high on it for a while then I crash a bit because I'm starting to think the project is junk. 

Which I think has to do with the workflow Jeremy had me learning (working with masks and material functions) and not quite understanding it at first but then I just kept pushing myself and it just clicks with me a little bit more and more. To now where I'm pretty confident with working this way and wouldn't understand a reason not to work this way unless you were just working on very tiny props. Working this way actually seems like wizardry because you get so much out of the masks with texel density and such.  Then just reimporting the masks after making slight edits in substance painter then seeing the changes pretty much instantly is great. I'll have a better explanation of what I'm actually doing with the mask and such closer to the end of this project because I'm still not there when it comes to materials in my scene.

Next on the chopping block for me is to completely redo the lighting then figure out what I need to do to get my materials to a point where I'm happy with them and it doesn't look so grungey. My goal was to have this project to a point where I was happy enough with it to make a full artstation post with break downs by the end of the month and I still think I'm on track for that. Although we'll see I could easily see myself wanting to wait a bit longer and crack another couple of weeks into it. I mean this project has been about 4ish weeks in the making imagine what I could do with another couple of weeks and anyway I'll still be writing a blog post like this every week. 

My goal with the blog is to write a post like this every week till I land my first gig. I think it would be interesting to do and cool to look back at when I finally do make it.  Plus I just find writing very relaxing recently. :)

Thanks For Reading! 

Sci-Fi Corridor Modular Kit

Work In Progress / 14 June 2019

So about a month or two ago while learning Blender 2.8 during the Heavy Poly mentorship I made a Sci-Fi Corridor. Which I was actually really proud of and I wanted to push it to be a full fledged Unreal piece rather than just a fancy render in Blender 2.8. Unfortunately the piece was actually made in a week and a bit jank due to how quick I made it. So because of that I just decided to start over and base it on a piece I had Recently stumbled upon by Alexandr Nepogoda. I then broke it down to about eight pieces and one extra for a hallway connector because I didn't think it would be really that interesting to make a mod kit of only a straight hallway.

I was fortunate enough to stumble into DiNusty Empire right before Jeremy Estrellado was starting his next round of mentorships, so I was super quick to hop on to that. So Jeremy has been super helpful giving me direction on how to keep pushing this piece further and further.  So this was the final-ish block out and you can see I was starting to push everything right into the next phase. I am currently further than this screen shot but all the materials and lighting is still pretty rough and very much in the works. 

I've been documenting this project pretty thoroughly so I'm pretty confident that once the piece is looking killer by the 30th (Which is the goal I'm really pushing myself to be done by) I'll have an awesome piece to add to my artstation! 

Thanks for reading!!!