Halloween Blender Sculpting

Work In Progress / 25 September 2019

I've been loving following Pablo Dobarro's updates to the blender Sculpting tools and have been wanting to give them a try for a while now so I've been slowly cracking on this since I posted that one pumpkin a little less than a month ago. Originally I was wanting to model someone's front porch but I decided I wanted to do something more out there and I got inspired by Grace Liu's Pumpkin House. The day job has been all Sci-fi modeling so this is a nice change of pace. Blender seems awesome for being able to switch back and forth between modeling and sculpting, but I've never tried getting a high poly sculpt so we'll see how it goes. I want to finish this before Halloween and get a noice highpoly bake out of this guy so if need be I'll toss it into zbrush to continue sculpting.

It's still very early but I want to keep in the habit of posting more personal work on my down time.

Thanks for reading and have a nice hump day,

Danny Tamez