NBA 2K21 - Ferris Wheel

One of my initial significant projects on NBA 2K21 was the optimization of a model given to me, reducing it from a 500k to the sub-15k model it became. I suspect they may have acquired the model from a source like Turbosquid, but honestly, I invested so much time and effort into this project that I feel comfortable claiming it as my own. The wheel served as a distant object, requiring maximum optimization. I drew inspiration from Bram Eulaers' "DreamUV" tool and applied a funky trim sheet to all painted metal parts. Due to the extensive modifications made during each seasonal update, I had to re-rig the wheel every time. Unfortunately, I don't have a record of all the seasonal changes, but I can share two examples of the transformations I managed to retain. In the end, they decided to simply gray out the wheel because they found it a bit distracting. Their intention was to shift the focus more towards the lights than the wheel itself. Additionally, the pier area underwent numerous optimization passes, and if my memory serves me right, that was also part of the reason for the decision.

October 9, 2023